Looking for the perfect addition to your picnic basket or a fun treat to bring with you to a party? Wicked Kickin' Savory Cheesecakes makes it easy to enjoy our delicious cheesecakes on the go with our cheesecake spread. You can order any sweet or savory cheesecake on our menu as a spread. Place your order today.

We're based in Somerset, MA, but we ship our cheesecake spread nationwide.

The possibilities are endless with our cheesecake spread

Contact Wicked Kickin' Savory Cheesecakes in Somerset, MA today to order a sweet or savory cheesecake spread. When you order our delicious cheesecake spread, you can:

  • Take a casserole or dip recipe to the next level
  • Fill a wrap or burrito full of creamy, cheesy flavor
  • Keep it in the fridge for a late-night snack
  • Great for a picnic by the water or at a winery


You'll love eating our cheesecake spread anyway you can. It's full of flavor and creamy goodness. Our spread comes in 12-ounce containers-so you can take it anywhere. Order yours today.