Cheesecake lovers in the Somerset, MA area have been enjoying Wicked Kickin' cheesecake desserts since 2012. Now, people across the country can experience the decadence of our sweet cheesecake desserts. We ship nationwide, and our cheesecakes will please any crowd.

All of our cakes are made fun, unique ingredients, and they're full of flavor. Our cheesecake desserts can feed up to 12 people, which makes them perfect for parties or game night gatherings. Place an order today.

What makes our cheesecakes special?

Wicked Kickin' Savory Cheesecakes is known for our unique savory cheesecakes. But even with our sweet cheesecakes, we're reinventing the wheel. You'll find traditional plain cheesecake on our menu, but you'll also find some unexpected flavors, such as sugar cookie cheesecakes and chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecakes.

Here's a tip: microwave your sweet cheesecake for three to four minutes before serving. After you heat it up, you can spread it on graham crackers or eat it just like that. Our customers love warming up our cookie dough cheesecake-it's like enjoying a chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven!

Order your cheesecake desserts today. We're based in Somerset, MA, but we ship nationwide.